Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thing # 11.5 Evaluation

Though I muddle through much, I THANK you each for exposing us to all these "THINGS"!
Of, course, I loved the Vokie, Bookmaker, and I am really interested in exploring Slideshare. I know it takes an inordinate amount of time and planning to prepare this opportunity for us....then the reading and comments. Thank you! I feel proud and privileged to have been given this opportunity...even though I am NOT a star player...but baby-steps get one in motion!

Thing #11 Digital Citizenship

A "brand new" technology need and required new curriculum..Digital Citizenship. Read all...It is obvious we are starting several generations late on this ethical super-highway. It is obvious that it must be a communal effort of family, educators(classroom and library), and individual... and taught alongside "print citizenship"! I need to read your printed handouts and explore more web sites before I form a plan. Thank you for the "heads-up".

Thing #10 Second Life

How hard can it be to register....the 13 ATTEMPTS to register and I have to keep trying for a new virtual first name. Frankly, I am very happy with my real-life one lovingly selected by my real-life parents. I have trouble enough keeping my present real-time life on track without messing with Second required readings...have no interest in it and see no viable app for wee ones..their teen siblings can initiate them in yet another fantasy...WHY DO WE NEED THIS

Thing #9 Slideshare

WOW! Tweaked my interest BIG TIME!Read Stephen's Lighthouse...tried to e-mail ppt on "Top Ten Reasons Libraries Are Still Important"...couldn't get it to work.Read Dr. Valednza's article and was anxious to expiement with 280 Slides......I got bogged down, need help, but want to persue! Slideshow concept awesome. I want to participate!

Thing #8 Screencasting

OK, I am, once again, officially on overload....I viewed Landrum's Jing...I am not at that place Merdith Farkas' article on "Joys of Screencasting"....perhaps her disappointment of so few people using it is because the are busy with 1,000,001 other technological gadgets...I can see no immediate use for me in elementary school.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing #7 Video Resources

Well, I do not know what I was trying to previously import so I just deleted "viewed" video sites..liked Hulu's quality, was excited to view wildcast...BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRing! Needs a narrative...there was some cursory music and skimpy narration...Google fun, contemporary...went to Vaughn's blog to read about the non-access of Totol...will go back to that...many resources at our fingertips!

Thing #6 iTouch Apps

Have read and explored all requested items. Will take myself to a store as soon as my company leaves and explore the IPhone and all their apps.

I did not know Britannica was 241 years old. Three cheers for trying to become more relevant...adding some wiki features. But I agree with someone's comment: it is like trying to emulate the success of Southwest Airlines and failing because they do not understand....
Congrats to Wikipedia for "coming into its own"....their linguistic instaneous diversity is without a peer.

What Wickipedia Is Not should be read by all who use and those components who will "never" use.